Malcolm Liepke, Woman’s Hips, 2013


K A T E M O S S xx

definitely going to miss this view kicking out of the few best waves in my life. maruru tahiti… until next time. 💘🌍🌺 Thank you everyone for making it special:  @bodyglove53 @bodyglovegirl @gregsworld @anthony_walsh_ @troyww @brentbielmann @scott11smith @tikanui  (at LAX ✈️ Lihue )

Anonymous asked: Hey Tati great surfing lately I was wondering what the dimensions of your board is? The one with blue and yellow that you rode in the last competition? Thanks so much! You're such an inspiration xx

it’s 5’7 1/2 and 2.19 inches thick and the width I’m not too sure!

ehmrahld asked: hey i absolutely love your blog! mind checking out mine? thanks <3

thanks love !! xx

I&#8217;m going to appreciate this moment for a very long long time. Nothing&#8217;s better than spending quality time with the people you love the most. ❤️ Love you @troyww || photo: @anthony_walsh_  (at somewhere in tahiti)
pure paradise, but I&#8217;m happy to be back &amp; have internet! congrats babe for winning in the Azores 😻💘🌍 @jesse_mendes  (at somewhere in tahiti)
no internet for the next five days. going on a big adventure in #Tahiti with @bodyglove53 @bodyglovegirl @gregsworld @scott11smith @anthony_walsh_ @troyww @brentbielmann and @tikanui weouttttt🌎✌️👋 || can&#8217;t wait for all of you to see the amazing photos and footage we get💘😍 (at Papeete, Tahiti)
need to train again!!! @kahea_hart ready for this winter?! #letsgooooo || @bodyglovegirl #BodyGloveBreathe
dream like there are no impossibilities, smile until your face hurts, and give like you have plenty. ❤️❤️❤️ pc @j_hannan

QB Kauai