need to train again!!! @kahea_hart ready for this winter?! #letsgooooo || @bodyglovegirl #BodyGloveBreathe
dream like there are no impossibilities, smile until your face hurts, and give like you have plenty. ❤️❤️❤️ pc @j_hannan

QB Kauai
guilty pleasure 😻 || hopefully tomorrow’s not a lay day so you won’t catch me eating something like this again🍩 (at La Centrale - Hossegor)
french flowers flaunting their beauty, wishing everyone a happy evening or morning wherever you are 🌏🌸💘☺️ xx
too much french coffee today 🇫🇷☕️ || happy to have made it to round of 12 at the @swatchgirlspro #swatchgirlspro 😊 (at Les Bourdaines Seignosse)
"you’re what the French call les incompetents" 😻🍮🍩🍰 (at Seignosse-Hossegor)
lovesa lowers left || #DontWantToRideAPlaneAllDay #GetMeAChocolateCroissantAlready #AreWeThereYet? (at eventually i will be in france)


Anonymous asked: how many encounters have u had with sharks while surfing?

like 2 😈

right before @abuskk got swept away 😂❤️✨
homeyyyhome > anywhere else 😊